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~~GETTING AROUND Zihuatanejo~~

Easy access to all forms of transportation from our condo rental in Zihuatenejo Bay.

Fortunately, the west coast of Mexico has one of the best and most reasonably priced public ground transportation systems in the western hemisphere. Between the taxi fleet, the combi fleet, the 2nd class bus fleet and the 1st class bus system virtually all desired destinations are accessible during the day and into the early evening hours at prices that will amaze you. Just walk to the end of the Casa’s driveway to hail a taxi or a 2nd class bus to take you into town; or, in a taxi engaged by the hour, just about anywhere. Learn more about the transportation system in our “Side Trips” section. There is really no need to rent a car! Most everywhere you will want to go is relatively close. Many of your destinations will be most easily reached on foot!

If you would like to see our exact location copy and paste these coordinates into Google Earth's "Fly to" window: 17 38' 02.29"n 101 32' 43.24"w.



Map of Area - Zihuatanejo