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zihuatanejo airport

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo airport is served by many airlines including: United Airlines, Aero Mexico, Alaska Air, Air Canada, ATA, Ryan, Northwest, American, USA 3000, West Jet, Delta, Sun Country, Iberia, TAM, Sunwing, Copa LAN, AirTransit, Air France, AEROMAR.

Listed carriers subject to change without prior notice

Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo airport is located about 20 minutes by taxi south of Zihuatanejo (airport code ZIH) and is served by a multitude of airlines. It all depends on where you live or can conveniently get to and the size of your wallet! Here is a partial list: United Airlines, Mexicana, Aero Mexico, Alaska Air, Continental, America West, Frontier, Air Canada, ATA, Ryan, Northwest, American, USA 3000, US Airways. If you can't find a happy solution on line, call your travel agent. Air fares are frequently and heavily discounted but rarely during the Holiday Season.

The old promotional air fares of $299 RT plus taxes are gone and probably for good. Final advice: make both your air and accommodation reservations well in advance. It is not unusual to secure accommodations a year in advance-particularly for the Holiday Season. Your best opportunities for discounted air arrangements occur between a few weeks to a few months ahead of your planed vacation.

Getting from the airport to Alánamar at La Casa Que Ve al Mar is pretty simple so there is no need to make special advance arrangements. After you exit “CUSTOMS” walk directly forward to the Taxi Booth, about 30 feet straight ahead. There you will be greeted by English speaking clerks who will want to know where you want to go as your destination determines the price. Tell them you want to go to La Casa Que Ve al Mar on Playa la Ropa, Zihuatanejo; “poco mas adelante despues Sota Vento/Catalina” - about $30 USD for a taxi. Prices, which are also quoted on a bulletin board, may be slightly negotiable but typically only in low season. If you want to save on the fare you can wheel your luggage out to the perimeter of the airport complex and get a “COMBI” into downtown where you will need to hail a taxi on the street to continue your adventure to La Casa. This is only recommended for well experienced and hearty travelers! You might end up saving about $15 USD. If you are two couples with normal luggage you might want to consider taking a "suburban" for about $50 USD.


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