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The Ixtapa beach condo is a great home base for several wonderful day trips.

For those of you that might become a little restless and want to be on the go, there are some fascinating excursions that present opportunities to get out of town just for the day or for a couple of days. Nearest is Ixtapa Island which is accessible by bus and water taxi. Nothing too exciting there other than a little time under the palapa and an opportunity to swim and snorkel in some incredibly clear water. If you go be sure to take along some canned or frozen corn to feed the fish. Within the bay of Zihuatanejo and accessible only by boat is Las Gatas-your chance to have a few beers, get pestered by the silver jewelry salesmen, and to do a little snorkeling.

A little to the north of Ixtapa Island is the community of Troncones which is accessible either by bus and taxi or by rented car. Just a few short (not walkable) miles off the hiway you will find some interesting restaurants, expansive beaches, and a large collection of private homes some of which can be rented by the day or by the week. Great place to stay but it is isolated.

Further north and best accessed by bus or car is the colonial town of Pátzcuaro which is in the state of Michoacan and is about 3.5 hours away by rental car. This is just the quaintest little Mexican town full of arts, native crafts, and historical perspectives. This is a good place to visit if you have a couple of days to burn in your schedule and are dying for a native experience inland.

To the immediate south is Barra de Pótosi which makes a good day trip. Here you will find a Lagoon where you can rent Kayaks and participate in guided tours of the inland waters. The beach here is endless with lots to do and it is a great place to try a local specialty, “La Talla” or “Tiritas.” Travel here is relatively quick and inexpensive on the 2nd class bus fleet which can be found on Las Palmas street just east of Benito Juarez.

Hotel Mirador in Acapulco Barra de Pótosi

About 150 miles south and four hours on a 1st class bus is Alcapulco where you can enjoy a taste of big city life, discos, a COSTCO, and endless shopping at both tiendas de artisanias, and air conditioned boutiques. Alcapulco is home to one of the largest central markets in Mexico. We like to stay at Hotel El Mirador Alcapulco, #74 Quebrada, which is home to the world renown cliff divers and a swimming pool that connects out to the sea. This facility is outside the bay of Alcapulco around to the north beyond the point so the water is pretty clean and clear. Hotel rates are heavily discounted as well.


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